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The PS5 news is finally here: Sony will present the PlayStation 5 tomorrow

playstation 5 release date

Sony finally did it! The company has announced that it is ready to tell us everything there is to know about one of the most anticipated 2020 products, the PlayStation 5. However, this will not be the PS5 launch event that we expected in January, and all of this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sony started talking about the PS5 last year when it revealed a lot of details about the next generation console without being too specific. He used all the buzzwords fans were looking for: 7nm processors, ray tracing support, 8K games, super-fast SSD storage, new drivers, backward compatibility and affordable pricing – without specifying anything. As of this writing, we don’t have a PS5 datasheet, we don’t know what the console looks like, and we have no official cost information. Meanwhile, Microsoft introduced the Xbox X series design months ago and announced the most important technical features and data in a blog post in mid-February.

At CES in early January, Sony joked that the key features of the PS5 had not yet been announced, although we may have encountered some here and there due to leaks. In other words, Sony did everything right and raised expectations for the PS5 for most of the past year. Then there was a big leak in mid-January, revealing a lot more details on the specifications and features of the console and delivering an alleged price and a fixed release date. Not to mention the fact that he told us that Sony would launch the new gaming platform in early February at a PlayStation Meeting press conference. But then the corona virus appeared and the epidemic forced Sony to withdraw from various events, including the main Mobile World Congress in Spain and some subsequent game programs. We don’t expect Sony to reveal the PS5 to MWC or other game shows, but the epidemic has changed Sony’s plans for the unveiling of the new PlayStation.

A few months ago, a report announced that Sony would launch the PS5 in February at a special press conference. Since then, we’ve seen a number of different sources claiming the release will take place in February, although only one of them has offered an actual date. What really helped bring the point home is Sony’s unexpected revelation that the E3 2020 will not take place for the second year in a row. This is obviously something we haven’t seen coming, especially in a year when a new console is coming out. All of this before Sony announced its decision to withdraw from MWC, PAX East and GDC.

sony ps5 release date and price

Sony did almost the same in 2013. At the end of January, a keynote for February 20 was announced, in which some initial details on the console such as hardware specifications and some games were released. However, the design of the PS4 was not shown until E3 2013, since Sony was still participating in the show at the time.
The coronavirus may have changed everything for the announcement of the PlayStation 2020, especially since mid-February surprised Xbox fans with a huge announcement of the Xbox Series X which put additional pressure on the Japanese company. Sony’s last major PS5 announcement came in October when the company unveiled some of the features of the upcoming DualShock 5 controller.

We hope Sony will be present this week, especially since Microsoft has already announced the Xbox Series X design and all specs.
This brings us to Sony’s latest PS5 announcement. Sony went to Twitter on Tuesday, a day after Microsoft’s surprise announcement of the X Series specs, to test its own PS5 display. Everything will take place on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. PST when {the lead architect of the PS5 system, Mark Cerny, will explain in detail the architecture of the PS5 system and how it will shape the future of gaming.}Everything is said to happen online on Sony’s PlayStation blog, though it’s unclear if it will launch, see the current tweet below:

Until then, you have plenty of time to catch up on all the PS5 rumors from the previous month, which Sony may soon confirm. Prices are expected to start at $ 499 in the United States, although analysts expect delays and launch bottlenecks. Previous leaks have talked about the backward compatibility features of the console and Sony’s marketing plans for the PS5.
The refugees also revealed the alleged Xbox pricing structure for the two boxes that will compete with the PS5 in 2020. Apparently, Sony and Microsoft are fighting for exclusivity, not price. This cheaper Xbox Series X may also be in development, but it shouldn’t launch with the Xbox Series X. The new PS5 would already be faster than the new Xbox in terms of RAM and SSD, though the X series has a better GPU.

Additionally, a new Sony patent was issued describing a PS5 feature that has not worked in recent months. The new DualShock 5 controller, which Sony has a few weeks without revealing its name, has a microphone that should be useful for a voice assistant that can provide real-time information to help players play. This is the kind of functionality not available on other consoles, and it’s a hack that could be a huge advantage over the new Xbox X series. Sony’s PS5 brand also leaked, which we may have close by as a sign of the launch of the console, and we recently saw a supposed image of the console’s end-user interface. New discoveries spoke about additional features the PS5 might get in the future, including support for biofeedback and a new PSVR controller. Here’s a collection of all of Sony’s recently discovered gaming patents, all of which describe the technology found on the PS5 at launch or in the years to come.
Finally, one of the previous leaks also provided a list of games that provided a time for the PS5. You know, in addition to all the titles from PS1 to PS4 that you can probably play on the new console. Regardless, several developers have announced what to expect from new PS5 and Xbox games, and Sony said they could be a powerful single-player game.

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