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Some of the PlayStation 5 biggest surprises were just ruined by a huge leak


Sony’s PlayStation 5 segment during its CES 2020 news conference was underwhelming, to mention the smallest amount. All the corporate did was show us the PS5 logo we were expecting anyway, then recap all the PlayStation 5 announcements it had already made in previous months. Sony did say later that its biggest PS5 features hadn’t yet been announced, so we knew there have been still some surprises future. At the time, we told you that a number of those surprises had already appeared in rumors, just like the PlayStation virtual assistant and backward compatibility support for previous PlayStation consoles. But it seems there could also be even more exciting PS5 features that hadn’t yet been discovered, and therefore the latest major leak may shed light on a minimum of a couple of them.

PS5 price and specs
Posted on 4chan earlier in the week, the leak reads tons sort of a similar rumor from a couple of weeks ago, the one that told us the console would be unveiled on February 5th, which it’ll cost $499 when t launches in October. curiously enough, the new report mentions the precise same details, giving us our first reason to question the rumor. It seems highly unlikely for Sony to carry a PlayStation 5 event on February 5th to unveil “the system, controller, and key aspects of their plan,” as long as the date is next week and Sony hasn’t issued press invites for any event.

That said, the leaker provided many extra details about the PS5 compared to the previous report. consistent with this person, Sony is about to carry a second event on the brink of E3 2020, then a final event before the console’s launch to supply the last remaining details about the console. On top of that, there should be up to 3 State of Play events throughout the year to stay the excitement going.

The report notes that the PS5’s price is about in stone at $500. However, and this is often an exciting tidbit, Sony is trying to travel for a 2TB SSD, which might be amazing news for gamers. Sony’s PS5 SSD is already rumored to be faster than the Xbox Series X’s drive, and we’d expect the console to feature a minimum of 1TB of storage. A leak recently suggested that the PS5 dev kit comes with 1TB of non-volatile storage onboard.

This new leaker also says that Sony features a slight edge over Microsoft when it involves SSD tech, but that the Xbox Series X also will cost $500.

New cloud features
The leaker also shared some details about PS5 functionality that hasn’t been detailed before. Gamers are going to be ready to play multiple games at an equivalent time and have up to 3 games suspended while playing the fourth game. The console will also run different instances of an equivalent game at an equivalent time. Moreover, the cloud will support “as many games suspended as you wish,” and can allow you to resume a game on the console (or stream it to other platforms) even after months of playing other games.

Similarly, save data, screenshots, and video clips are often sent to the cloud to release local storage. On top of that, the console will provide “rigorous amounts of knowledge and statistics” about the games you play. If that sounds familiar, it’s because we saw this feature mentioned a couple of months ago when the primary patents detailing Sony’s gaming-centric virtual assistant were discovered.

Backward compatibility
The leaker touched on backward compatibility, claiming that it’ll be an enormous deal for the console. The PS5 are going to be ready to play all the prevailing PS4 titles, and Sony is functioning on adding support for as many aged games as possible, going back as far because of the PS1. Even compatibility with PSP and Vita games are supposedly within the works:

Expect PlayStation 1, 2, 3 and 4 games available to get and play on PS5 at launch. the complete PS4 catalog is going to be available, but libraries are going to be limited for other platforms to start with. More games are going to be added as time goes on in much an equivalent way Microsoft did. you’ll see tons more old games supporting high frame rates, 4K resolution and HDR (even ray tracing) on PS5 than has been possible on Xbox One. Sony is considerably concerned about saving old games from older platforms. they need the primary Gran Turismo game running on PlayStation 5 at 120fps with ray tracing enabled. it’s surprisingly great for a 22-year-old game. Backward compatibility for PSP and Vita also are in development with Sony getting to have both available within 2 years of the system launching.

PS5 vs. Xbox
The report also says that Sony and Microsoft aren’t looking to undercut one another on price. “Both [consoles] cost very similarly to supply, are almost indistinguishable in terms of specs and can’t afford to launch at any but $500,” the leaker said. But what they’re fighting for are exclusive games:

Sony and Microsoft are currently both during a business war with each other to secure marketing rights to certain third-party titles that are getting to be considered major draws to the subsequent generation. curiously enough Microsoft has already gotten the marketing for Rocksteady’s new title, but the WB Games Montreal title heavily rumored to be called Batman: Arkham Legacy (not sure about the name) is up for the taking and is claimed to be an exceedingly and surprisingly impressive game. immediately the developers are having issues porting the sport to current generation hardware. Also in contention is 2 different projects from EA Motive, a 4th Mafia game from 2K, an exciting New IP from Sega and artistic Assembly and Ubisoft’s Avatar.

Finally, the last tidbit of data during this huge leak concerns the Xbox Lockhart, which is that the codename for the cheaper Xbox Series X that we expect Microsoft to release. The console is in development but it’d not be ready in time for a fall release.

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