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6 ways to rank higher in the Instagram story feed

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Instagram has taken over the world in recent years. With over a billion users, Instagram follows the parent company Facebook in terms of traffic. Although IG has long been a fan favorite, the addition of a “stories” feature puts the platform on the fast lane to global ubiquity.

The stories started as a way for Instagram to mimic the volatility of the Snapchat contest. Stories now have only twice as many active users as Snapchat in total. The combination of Instagram’s huge user base, its relationship with Facebook and its user-friendliness has made stories known on social media.

The incredible amount of eyeballs in stories means brands and companies that don’t use the format will be lost. Advertising on Instagram and Stories is increasing, but companies also need to focus on creating engaging, engaging, and ultimately compelling organic content that appears naturally in the User Stories feed.

The only problem with this plan is that a user can follow hundreds or thousands of other accounts. How can you beat your competitors and always be at the top of your followers’ stories?

Here are some tips to help your company rank higher on Instagram stories:

1. Create high-quality content

There was a time when Instagram delivered photos and videos to your feed based on when users added them chronologically. That changed a few years ago, and now an interaction-based algorithm decides when and where posts appear.

When Stories debuted in August 2016, the algorithm was already fully functional. Although this algorithm has changed over time, its mission remains the same: Instagram wants users to spend as much time on Instagram as possible (displaying ads, interacting with brands) and showing users what they think they want to see,

If someone has a history of interacting with an account (who sees their posts, comments, direct messages, and yes, their stories), Instagram will put their posts at the top of their feeds.

Of course, “making good content” is easier said than done. Some of the best practices for posting content with more attendees are:

Create more pleasant photos by following a few basic rules: According to Curalates research, images with a single dominant tone, images with blue as the main color, images with more background space (to get depth photos) and images with low saturation are more likely to get likes and therefore stories influence.

Take surveys and questionnaires: everyone in digital marketing knows the power of calling to action. Stories make it easier for users to click with surveys and question stickers that you can use to share the results for even deeper engagement.

Be brave with your text: Make creative decisions with text that overlaps photos and videos. Use and copy easy-to-read fonts, different colors, and important messages for users to click on.

Share user-generated content: Use the capabilities of your subscribers to share high-quality content that your company has created quickly. Other users will be inspired to submit their work and will come back often to see if they cut.

2. Run with your best things

Whether you’re blogging or posting on social media, the goal is to instantly attract consumers. Your introduction, or in this case the first release, or both in your story, should make it clear what it will offer viewers. Don’t be shy because it only takes one swipe for people to leave you completely.

Take the time to make your story presentation as solid as possible, whether you are creating a tutorial video or tutorial, presenting special images behind the scenes or presenting discounts and offers to fans. Even if people move before the story ends, nothing reduces their engagement as an immediate passage.

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can view their “Outlook” story to see how people interact with their posts, including where users might lose over the course of a story.

3. Use proven formats and formulas

The Stories format works for certain types of storytelling that don’t work as well with regular Instagram posts, which are limited in scope. Use stories with their sequential format and endless publishing capacity to create useful, educational and less sophisticated (but more “authentic”) content, such as:

Tutorials and Tutorials: Does your company have a product that could use a tutorial? Is it an adventure to find your physical location on the subway? Use your stories to create entertaining tutorials that add value to your subscribers. You can also save them to your profile for repeated viewing or to be found by future subscribers.

Backstage images: Particularly useful for B2B companies who want to emphasize the corporate culture, stories behind the scenes of their office space, an event or conference in which their team, warehouse or factory takes part, or other work on settings. Not being captured on a single photo or video is great for storytelling.

Offers and discounts: If subscribers find that you publish exclusive offers of their products or services in their stories, they are recorded much more often. Nothing motivates people as much as a good discount.

Additional points if you link these photos and videos to more detailed content on your website for additional participation. You need at least 10,000 subscribers to get the Swipe Up option that takes users to another page. However, you can also use the “Mention” sticker to direct users to your biography, where your link biography is waiting to direct you to your off-chain content.

4. Try the occasional live broadcast

With the introduction of the IGTV feature, which offers videos with TV episode length, Instagram is urging users to watch more live videos and long format videos. Live broadcasts are also at the top of every story list to alert users of current feeds.

Too much live streaming for a small business account may seem like spam, but timely use of the feature can give fans an entertaining glimpse into their corporate culture, a day in an employee’s life, or an entertaining event where you start your physical location and catapult your account to the top of your subscribers’ story stream.

5. Sign up for other accounts

This is a good practice for any working social network account: remember that your activities are not one-sided. Creating useful, fast and high-quality content is important, but also for other accounts on the platform.

Reply to comments from subscribers, invite users to send a DM to their customer service issues (and respond if they do), and comment on posts or user stories that identify or use your company’s tags. The purpose of your social media corporate accounts is not just to be another corporate spokesman, but a channel where subscribers and customers can see this “real”.

When it interacts with other users, it breaks the walls between the customer and the brand. The more users interact with you, the more likely you are to reach the top of your feeds.

6. Geolocation and hashtag for additional exposure

Position geolocation in stories is a great way to get local awareness and appear in feeds from people who don’t follow you but explore the same place. You can expand your geographic tags (tagging entire cities like New York) or become hyperlocal by tagging your neighborhood. You can attract new subscribers who appreciate their contributions to the website’s social media footprint.

Hashtags work the same way, although they are most effective if you create your specific hashtag that leads to a variety of branded content. You are less likely to be found in the sea of   # fashion or # retail posts, but the occasionally well-placed tag can catch fire in the discovery feed.

Using these two options in major publications is a great way to find new subscribers and increase your overall engagement.

Bonus: Try the hide-and-seek/show trick

If everything else fails or you are looking for an extra boost, you can always try to hack the system with the “hide/show” trick.

The tab discovered this tip: post a story and then “hide” it from the person who wants to see your story. Show it quickly and your story will jump to the top of your tail stories.

If you want to get the attention of thousands of followers, this trick is time-consuming and may not be worth it in the long run. However, when you start for the first time, you get the quick start you need. Remember to also follow the tips above so that your content becomes the driving force behind your engagement, not tips.


A higher ranking in users’ Instagram stories is a great way to keep subscribers in mind. It is much more likely to generate leads and see repeat business if this happens every time someone opens your application. As marketing tactics progress, this concept can be very effective and will likely be a lot more fun than you think.

There’s a reason Instagram has over a billion users: Instagram is a good experience. With good content that makes people want more, you can help keep it that way.

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